Cole for Congress

Friends and supporters,

While we did not prevail in the Democratic Primary Election, we have much to celebrate, and I hope all of you who supported and invested in this campaign will join me in being very proud of what we accomplished.
Yesterday, nearly 14,000 people voted, which is almost three times the voter turnout in the last off-year primary election, and on par with primary turnout during a presidential year. Our efforts of focusing on a grass-roots campaign brought thousands of new voters into the process. It's the beginning of a movement.
For a long time, voters in South Jersey haven't engaged in the electoral process, and that's in part by the design of those who have power benefiting from the status quo. In fact, despite historically high turnout, just 11% of Democrats participated in this primary. Nonetheless, we ran a campaign about shared values and aspirations, and what we built this year is the start of a new political awakening.
If it weren't for you, this campaign and the progress we made would not have been possible. Your generous donations, in both money and time, have helped us build a coalition of people who are tired of politics as usual and are ready for a fresh start. I thank you, with all of my heart, for supporting this campaign and investing in our community. I only hope to have the opportunity to return the support you've shown Itir and me over the last few months to you and your family in your endeavors.
I truly believe what we accomplished together will have a lasting impact, and I hope to continue working over the course of time to advance the cause of progress and civic engagement.
Thank you,
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