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About Dave

Dave Cole

Dave Cole is an entrepreneur and an engineer, with experience growing businesses in the private sector and modernizing technology as a public servant.

As an early member of a new tech company, Dave entered a dynamic technology market and helped grow the company from a half dozen employees to more than 50 in just over two years. Mapbox now competes head-to-head with some of the biggest tech giants and delivers its product through cutting-edge applications to millions of users.

The hard work and determination that made Dave successful in business are values he learned growing up in South Jersey. Dave’s mother brought up Dave and his sister to be conscientious citizens who believed in family and service. An entrepreneur herself, she raised her family while managing her business as a single mother following the passing of Dave’s father.

When Dave left home to go to Rutgers University, he served twice as the President of the Rutgers student body. In 2007, Dave continued on a path of public service to organize the volunteer effort for President Barack Obama’s campaign in New Jersey. After over a year of campaigning in many states, Dave was appointed to the White House where he served during President Obama’s first term, and used innovative technology to make government more efficient and responsive to the needs of citizens across the country.

Dave is running to represent South Jersey because this is home — to his wife and him, to his mother and his sister, to his large family that spans the region, and to the thousands of hard-working women and men that drive the local economy and make this such a great community to live in and raise a family.

Dave has been given many chances to serve, and he has grasped those opportunities and the values he grew up with to build a career of service, working to tackle tough challenges and win. He knows what it takes to grow a business and create jobs, and will put his experience and record of delivering innovative solutions to work for the people of South Jersey.