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Economy: A Job for Everyone

Everyone who wants a job should be able to find one, and everyone who works hard should be able to provide for their families. That’s how we create a strong middle class, with full employment, and it’s the best way to grow our economy, stabilize the federal budget, and reduce the deficit.

We’ll fight for a raise to the federal minimum wage — we have to keep our homegrown talent at home, and competitive wages are essential. A national minimum wage increase is the right thing to do for working families, and it decreases the burden on other government assistance programs.

Full employment means working families have job security and dignity. Businesses can hire the best and brightest. Government assistance programs can focus their resources on the most needy. And we can keep families working here at home by lifting middle class wages.

Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure

South Jersey needs an economy that’s ready for the future. That means building high-tech infrastructure — broadband, educational facilities, and business-friendly regulations — to give workers the training they need to lead the global economy. And it starts at home in South Jersey.

Our nation’s infrastructure is the foundation for innovation. From highways to high-speed internet access, our infrastructure enables the growth and success of businesses both large and small. But over time, we’ve built up a backlog of infrastructure maintenance that we must address to remain competitive and keep our economy thriving.

We need immediate investment to repair and expand our infrastructure, from highways and bridges, to schools and broadband internet, putting people back to work and building the foundation for future economic growth.

  • Fund school construction and modernization projects including urgent repairs, energy-efficient upgrades, and wiring for high-speed internet access
  • Establish a National Infrastructure Bank to invest in infrastructure repair and expansion projects that will create millions of jobs nationally and open new economic opportunities

Reviving South Jersey’s Economy

We must take action now to improve the economic security of working families and get workers back on the job. Here are immediate actions we can take to help working families return to work:

  • Raise the national minimum wage and index it to the cost of living
  • Extend unemployment benefits to workers who have lost their jobs and haven’t been able to get back into the workforce
  • Provide tax incentives to businesses that hire long-term unemployed workers and prohibit discriminating against the long-term unemployed when hiring
  • Establish a work-sharing program that allows workers to collect unemployment assistance when employers reduce hours instead of layoffs
  • Provide incentives to employers for hiring unemployed veterans
  • Support workers' rights to organize through the Employee Free Choice Act as well as trade laws that protect workers and our environment
  • End tax incentives for companies that ship jobs overseas