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Education: Investing in the Future

Public school teachers — at every level, from pre-K to college — should be rewarded for putting students first.

Dave attended New Jersey public schools from grade school through college. Our campaign wants to make sure public funds are going to capital investments in what works, expanding access to technology and ensuring our students get world class training in science, technology, the arts, and every other pursuit that enriches our community’s future.

Like so many other South Jersey families, Dave and his wife Itir know first-hand the burden of student debt. Dave supports a number of key actions the federal government can take to lessen the debt that students face upon graduation.

Upgrading South Jersey’s Schools

  • Upgrade our schools, by investing in school construction and energy-efficiency improvements, as well as expanding access to technology
  • Work with teachers to set curriculum standards as well as fair and effective evaluation methods
  • Support teachers' collective bargaining rights and funding for public schools, instead of initiatives that drain vital resources from public education, such as private vouchers

More Opportunity and Less Debt for Students

  • End the crushing debt faced by college students and their families by giving students the same interest rates available to Wall Street banks
  • Allow existing borrowers to refinance federal loans to take advantage of lower interest rates
  • Crack down on unpaid internships, which many companies have been using in place of entry level positions
  • Expand Americorps and national service funding to meet the demand of young people eager to start careers in public service