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Protecting Our Environment and Meeting Tomorrow's Energy Needs

Growing up in South Jersey, our natural environment is at the heart of our work, recreation, and daily lives. From the Delaware Bay to the shore towns along the Atlantic Ocean, and through the Pinelands and rivers in-between, we are defined by our unique and beautiful surroundings. We keep the garden in the Garden State.

Global carbon emissions, pose an existential risk to our communities and environment across the district. Rising sea levels due to an increasing average temperature and melting polar ice caps threatens to permanently submerge our beaches, while changing climate patterns contribute to more powerful and frequent super storms like Sandy.

We can to meet our energy needs in a responsible way that protects our environment and our communities by tapping into domestic energy sources. We need an all-inclusive approach that includes solar, wind, natural gas, and biofuels, and focuses on transitioning to clean energy sources. South Jersey is poised to lead the nation in taking on the challenges of a changing climate while lessening our dependency on foreign oil.

  • Invest in clean energy generation, so than new public buildings and homes generate energy through renewables like solar and wind
  • Provide incentives for clean energy manufacturing right here in the district, so that we put people to work building the turbines and other technologies that will meet our future energy demands
  • Protect New Jersey’s vulnerable coastal regions and lessen the risk of more violent storms by limiting carbon emissions