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Tech Policy: Promoting privacy, freedom, and innovation

Congress needs expert voices that will give high-tech innovation a central role in our businesses, our health, and our ability to connect and compete in a global economy.

Still, too many in South Jersey are held back by limited access to competing telecommunications providers, often being left with slow and outdated options for connecting online.

In our schools, we need to provide students with modern educational technology to give them every advantage in their careers. In our hospitals, we need the ability to connect doctors and patients with the best resources available – increasingly, that means looking to digital innovations in health technology. And in our homes, we must ensure that tech policies respect our privacy while helping to keep our families safe online.

Promoting Innovation and Protecting Privacy

  • High speed access to the Internet is a necessity, not a luxury. We must not allow discrimination among service providers and businesses, and we must protect consumers' access by ensuring network neutrality, including opposing a “fast lane,” which would create pay-to-play access to the Internet
  • The failed SOPA/PIPA legislation overreached and would have made censorship an acceptable way to protect copyright owners. We should respect the copyrighted works of creative professionals while ensuring an appropriate balance that does not threaten the openness of the Internet
  • Patent Assertion Entities (Patent Trolls), which are organizations that use patents to stifle innovation without producing their own work need to be stopped. Congress should take up meaningful patent reform legislation to reign in patent abuse and promote fair competition in our marketplace of ideas
  • While the intelligence community plays a vital role in protecting the safety of our citizens, Congress should authorize an independent review process that includes private and public sector privacy and security experts to ensure the NSA and other agencies protect Americans' digital privacy
  • Congress should promote innovations in digital health technology, like telehealth – which remotely connects patients to healthcare providers and drives down the cost of care while increasing access to expert resources
  • Establish a fund to finance municipal high-speed internet infrastructure development